How has nobody settled for me yet I’m a solid 3

get real you’re like a 7 e.z.

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like how much more obvious does this need to be made for people to get it?

this isnt even an exaggeration 

like at all

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Theres only 1 picture on this site with 13 million notes



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Insanity+E X P A N D//

I have de ja vu like thrice a day, heck it feels kind of nice again today.
They say this is Game Over and repeat; but I say fuck that listen to the beat

-I could say my mind is like the lost woods. The left turn is really the right one and you have to go backwards to move forward. Easy to get lost but there is always a friendly tune playing.

Hit a dead end, just searching for a friend, all the things you call me, I’ve thought already in the depths of my head, till I met my best friend; xgf

-He’s just a black kid with straight hair, fake nigg- don’t even care. Well y’all can look, y’all can stare, but fucking with me is like fucking a bear.
Growth. It’s such a beautiful thing. It can literally be found everywhere. From the smallest seed to the biggest of buildings. Plants grow, humans grow, all living things grow. Non-living things grow in different ways. They grow with ideas. Expansion. Evolution in terms of “upgrading” what was last created. Take a look at phones. We had huge clunky dial ones only years ago. Now we have advanced computers in our pockets. How? Combining past creations while still moving forward and using efficiency and new trials to the best of our current ability until something better can be made for trial.

-I’m going to get hurt if I don’t slow down. Winter freezes the streets but not my reason, yet with every season I feel my treason. Must give some pleasin’, they see me sleezin’, I bless those sneezin’.

When literally every damn dream I ever had is coming true, I wish, I fucking wish I hadn’t had so many nightmares of me and you. So I’m through. De ja vu. 


Finding something new by looking at something old but in a different view than the old one because you see more with a new one.
 -The smarter you are the smarter you can become

The hunger, THIS NEED
to dive in and just feel free
being careful to not ruin your gift, just an urge to explore the micro-world to benefit the massive one

What can’t be dissected? I’ve yet to find out

:Stein:Dexter:Sylar:   These beats feed their hunger

I go after tech, I go after knowledge, I go after skills, I go after fun.

That voice. Was it mine, or yours?

I was sick. I’m still sick. 
I must have been craven,
or jealous
or flat-out wasted.

For me to tarnish something so… beautiful. It will (and has) taken months to clear this garden. Many more to start a new one. 
I can somewhat read eyes when I’m drunk, for a certain ‘hers’ said ‘kiss me now’
After hearing things like, she doesn’t really care for you and having that somewhat proved with my eyes that night, it was believable too. My trust was already shot, I was vulnerable, I was weak. I didn’t use my greatest resource; my mind. WHY. 

-=It seems like I’m one-step ahead of others, but I’m defensive, never on the O. I don’t have as many “information banks” as they do. If I could only reverse my gift… 

I’m slowly building myself back up; 
oh wait, let me back dat up
I’ve fallen so many times, I’ve crashed and burned to a crisp
I’ve drowned and wanted to just fucking quit
Leave behind no save file, just corrupt memory;

but I’m like rubber and you’re like glue, I bounce back, alot higher than you so stick to the ground with those you hold and lie to while I soar in the air with those I hold true. 

Do I expect this past to change, the one I hold inside.. with all these words I say, in the depths of my mind? Some things you can’t erase no matter how hard you try. An exit to escape… 

We learn from our mistakes, and from taking breaks

from reviews and criticism, or just starring into lakes

is that why I’m accident prone?
clumsy with words all the way to the bone?

because I like to learn.. like the man who made the phone

It’s a gift





I wish I could rhyme more than one verse. !

(I’m kind of a dork)

A month of hate
To which I masturbate
I get off on this clean state
Right at 8; But wait
I got a lot on my plate
for my best mate ain’t
even talk to me since that wretched date.

Once quaint now tainted
my heart turned to Satan
and fury’s been painted, red
The images created over head 
keep me awake when I go to bed
for this one time the demon had said

"What are you?"
"Left for dead
I’m zombified, permafried, looking for a friend”

[Someone that will help bring this demon to his death bed]

Thinking too much when I should be eating my lunch has led me to believe, that there I no way to get off scott free.

I also crave to learn

There is one image of this person that has been etched into my mind.

It lasted only a few seconds, which may have seemed like minutes in the moment, but thankfully my mind captured it. She… was really in the heat.

Her hair was ever so long, and smelled so nice. The kind of smell you would smell more than twice. Her bangs fell perfectly into place, right over her eyes. Her nose, so perfectly acute with… well, her.

I had a mind-gasm as I studied this new found form of sensual delight. Oh those lips.. so pink and perky, just waiting to be kissed.

& with a taste like that, how was I supposed to resist?

Some people crave cigarettes, some people crave coffee.
We’ve all got our vices, mine require a roll of dices. It’s pleasure.
To see her squirm, to want more, to hear her moan and gasp and scratch and claw and pant and heighten and
oh my fucking god I cant
I CAnt
thisis too much

I didn’t even write the part where her eyes lit up brighter than our night sky

The sound of a soft ringing bell ringing in my head I’ve labelled hell falls upon me when we kiss. This sound is what I fucking miss.

The embrace from such a pretty face, the hugs that made me shiver “aHH Bugs!!” - Your love

The look in your eyes when mine meet yours; Your “studying” look drives me wild but I try to conceal it.

When a video game lets you move during extended dialogue:



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